!!! French Bulldog Puppy SCAM ALERT !!!
Our website has been online almost a decade... we are no strangers to this, but in the past year we have received emails from many different people alerting us to our own PERSONAL DOGS/PUPPIES photos/videos being stolen. These are our photos, taken by us at our home and they are of our puppies AND our Adult dogs... These are not images that belong to someone else or random gifs or artwork... these are our PERSONAL DOGS & PUPPIES and we took the photos ourselves... There are also some Photos of OUR Puppies taken by their new owners in their new homes that have been stolen, along with one of our "Frenchie Families" being impersonated.  Our FRENCHIE FAMILIES  have sent us the photos to update us, we post them on the site, to then have some scammers take them and use them as their own, make fake facebook profile and fake stories...  The scammers have also stolen our videos off our YOU TUBE CHANNEL. They show people videos and say they are current, but they have been posted on our YOU TUBE Channel for YEARS. This page contains emails, photos and other information that has been provided to us  from those stealing our pictures in 2014 and 2015.  We are NOT the only breeders this is happening to. Sadly it is happening to many. They come to our sites, steal our dogs photos, videos and then proceed to either take out ADS on ONLINE NEWSPAPERS or creating WEBSITES (SEE BELOW) with ALL STOLEN PHOTOS just to scam people. Remember Frenchies are not $1000 or $1500 and 99% of reputable breeders will NOT ship their puppies...  those days are in the past.  We DO NOT and WILL NOT ever ship our puppies, look on our SHIPPING PAGE for information.

If you see ANY of our photos somewhere else online advertising anything know that they are STOLEN and it is NOT All Star. This is our ONE and ONLY site and the ONLY site we will or have ever placed any dog up for Adoption. Our babies are NEVER advertised on classifieds,  puppyfind or anywhere else online. Yes our website is linked on many sites, it's the Internet, you can't stop that, but we DO NOT and will NEVER advertise on craigslist, newspapers, online newspaper sites, etc... If you see anything that has to do with advertising dogs anywhere on the WEB, whether photos, writing, whatever... saying it is us or that they are associated with us... It is a SCAM.

****TIP: If someone has a puppy they claim is really theirs and you are in doubt, ask them to take a RECENT PHOTO OR VIDEO CLIP of the puppy with them holding a piece of paper next to the puppy with the date and your name on it and have them send it to you to show you it is recent and real... You will NOT hear back from them if it is a scam because obviously they do not have the puppy.
This page has ALREADY helped people not be scammed.... It's serving it's purpose so the hours spent on it are not a waste :)

Jan/Feb/March and April 2015
We have been alerted AGAIN to MORE WEBSITES using some of our Photos....
MARYLAND FRENCH BULLDOG SCAMS are at it again. Not saying ALL Maryland Breeders are scammers or that all scammers are in Maryland, but this seems to be the state of choice for them on these website scams for some reason. Also Virginia, Texas and well... God knows what other states. These scammers are more than likely not in the USA...


www.hoobly.com  - This is an online newspaper/classifieds type website to advertise not only dogs, but many different items.
I just got this email below on 4/2/2015 .... Last week another person alerted me to this same scam and at that time the lady was going by the name of KAREN STONE. THIS IS A SCAM. We do not know MARIA ESTEVEZ or KAREN STONE or ANYONE advertising on HOOBLY.  We do not and will not EVER advertise on HOOBLY or any other website or newspaper/classifeds on the Internet. Read our HOME PAGE for our details & some updated 2015 info.
Apr 2 at 10:39 AM

Hi a lady named Maria estevez is using your pictures on hoobly claiming to be selling to cream females she originally said she bred them then when I asked why the pictures she sent me of happy customers at airports were on your website she said she is partners with you guys !? Her number is 305 250 1388 I'm sure this is a scam and would just like to confirm it.

Sent from my iPhone

click to view larger
The first photo is a screen shot of their Homepage, the only photo that belongs to me there is the Frenchie Family one, this is one of Frenchie Families who chartered a plane to pick up Binag from us 4 years ago.
WWW.COMPANIONFAMILYFRENCHIES.COM COMPANION FAMILY FRENCHIES is a SCAM... 99% of the photos and wording on this site are ours. THANK YOU AMY for letting me know. A lady contacted us who said she spoke with the PUREBREDLITTEPEARLS (see below) and the guy admitted to having another website—an “upgraded site”...   No point on taking screen shots of the entire site, the puppies on that site they have for sale are MY PUPPIES that are now 4 and 5 years old.  If you scroll down on this page you can see the same puppies on scam sites from 2014.... Notice these idiots write "Store" and "Products"... who falls for this. UGGGGH

This is their so called AVAILBLE PAGE... ALL OUR PAST PUPPIES... The "CANNON" puppy, which is our TBone who is 5 years old in May and he can be seen HERE....  along with the other babies... the "Lola" one is our Bijou, the Timi one is Buttercup aka Dixie, sisters and they are 4 years old and can be seen on their litter page HERE  the Looni one is our LOUIS and his brother the one called BEAU is our DUNKIN , they are 5.5 years old and those two can be seen on their litter page HERE
Next is their so called SHIPPING-PAYMENTS PAGE, which of course they modified and added their scam of  "HAVE US MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR DELIVERY TO YOUR LOCATION"  and how people have to send money to the Delivery Company....NEVER DO THIS.... THese of course are ALL our photos of our Frenchie Families and they can be seen on our SHIPPING PAGE.

CLICK PHOTOS TO VIEW LARGER... these are screen shots I took of their site.... I take screen shots so I have them when the site gets taken down...
The photos on the feeding page are mine except for 4... the water one, the diarrhea one (eww), the house food one and the supplements one... the others are mine and can be seen on our CHOW HALL PAGE... HERE
I don't have time to sit here and post every shot, but they are there, stolen photos all over, like on their PAST PUPPIES PAGE... Inky, SUndae, Quentin, Milo,MIckey, Wilma, etc... ALL OUR PUPPIES... just look on our PAST PUPPIES Pages. I will post those screen shots later.


click to view larger

WWW.TIZZLEFRENCHBULL.COM Tizzle French Bull or Tizzle French Bulldog Puppies is a SCAM... this site is using only one of our FRENCHIE
FAMILY photos on their site stolen from our SHIPPING PAGE. Click the picture here, this is a Frenchie Family of ours who have flown to us twice to pick up two babies from us... this is how I knew this site is a FAKE!!!! Our Frenchie Family can be seen picking up their babies from us on pur SHIPPING PAGE. They actually have 2 babies from us.

click to view larger

bennybulldogs.com BENNY BULLDOGS is a SCAM... (As of 4/2 says SUSPENDED, once again taken down).... this site was using a few of our FRENCHIE FAMILY photos on their reference page stolen from the OUR FRENCHIE FAMILIES PAGES. CLick the picture here, these are MY 2 babies and MY Frenchie Families and those referances are FAKE!!!!  Those 2 are sisters and are almost 5 year old girls "Moxie and Florabelle" and can be seen HERE.

click to view larger

www.boscobulldoghome.comBOSCO BULLDOG HOME is a SCAM ...  As of 3/19/15 this site has apparently been taken down also.... They were again using our photos from the OUR FRENCHIES pages of our dogs having fun .... http://www.boscobulldoghome.com/Our%20Adults.html

www.purebredlittlepearls.com PURE BRED LITTLE PEARLS is a SCAM... This site has apparently been taken down, like most below. I wasn't able to take any screen shots of this site before it was taken down, but they were using TONS of our photos and I got a very sad email from a gentleman who was unfortunately scammed by them.

You can run a WHOIS and find out how long a website has been online. We have been online for 10 years (since 20015) and our domain (allstarfrenchbulldogs.com) was created in January 2006.. Anyone can run a "whois"  for whatever domain (.com .net or whatever and see the date created) ... If it's a website that just popped up it is more than likely a SCAM...
Click each image to see larger: Notice the similarities? Brand New websites created this year....

boscobulldoghome.com WHOIS
bennybulldogs.com  WHOIS
These sites were the last year ones we were alerted to.... all have been taken down....
www.friendlyfrenchbuddies.com, WHOIS

A reporter who did a story on the MARYLAND PUPPY SCAMS found us and sent us a link to the video she made:
Thank you AMY for your story !!! Seems like the site was taken down shortly after her story.



Anyone can do a search for any photo online... Save the photo to your phone or computer and run a GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH. See below how we found where all the photos from the scam site were taken from. It's not difficult.

A note to the Scammers...  STOP USING OUR PHOTOS, it's not so hard.
Of course we care about all scams, even if they aren't using our stuff, but our priority is OUR PHOTOS, OUR DOGS, OUR PUPPIES and OUR FRENCHIE FAMILIES PHOTOS!!!!!  If our photos continue to be used, we will have to continue to add to this page.

AUGUST 2014 - SCAM ALERT - More Stolen Photos...

 we have been alerted AGAIN to TWO MORE WEBSITES using our Photos. MAXFRENCHIE.comor as they put FRIENDLY BULLDOGS is a SCAM .....  they are using our photos on their OUR HOME page just like they did on site NEWFRENCHIE.com see the screen shots below).  Now you type in www.NEWFRENCHIE.com  and it is forwarded to this new website called MAXFRENCHIE.com  "Friendly Bulldogs"..... Same people, they change names when they are found out BEWARE!!!!

SANDYBULLIES.COM  is a SCAM .... I was just alerted to this site also. They are using our photos once again on the OUR HOME page. The same as they did on NEWFRENCHIE.com and now you type in newfrenchie.com and it forwards you to MAXFRENCHIE.com, and now SANDYBULLIES.COM  ... That is FOUR WEBSITES.... using our photos...

www.friendlyfrenchbuddies.com FREINDLY FRENCH BUDDIES website is a SCAM.. yes friendly is spelled wrong. ALL of the photos on that website belong to us. I have taken SCREEN SHOTS of these websites AS PROOF once again.... BEWARE PEOPLE>>>>>> BEWARE......  SCROLL DOWN for plenty of proof....

www.FRIENDLYFRENCHBUDDIES.com  has stolen our website information, multiple of our pages and photos

See proof below... www.friendlyfrenchbuddies.com FREINDLY FRENCH BUDDIES website is a SCAM.. yes friendly is spelled wrong on that website. They are using ALL of our photos. They are once again impersonating one of our FRENCHIE FAMILIES... The link to her REAL Facebook page is below (click here)... these people change the names of the websites, do they not realize we are going to be alerted. They change their names all. Look at the emails I posted back in June, he was Terrance, now he's Jason....

Click images to see larger size: This is the scam Home Page at Freindly French Buddies: 

They have these photos of our puppies on their Available Page... My puppies they posted are 4 and 5 years old already...  go see them on our PAST PUPPIES pages and on our YOU TUBE Videos that have been posted for YEARS!!!!  They have copied my SHIPPING PAGE as well with ALL my photos and of course added their BULLSHIT DELIVERY TO YOUR LOCATION SECTION: http://friendlyfrenchbuddies.com/index/index.php/shipping They have copied my Questionnaire and Past Puppies page are all my babies: http://friendlyfrenchbuddies.com/index/index.php/past-puppiesAgain, I took screen shots of all the pages in case they take the website down... I will post these later... don't have time right now....

This is a screen shot of  their "Contact" Page:  With all my photos of course...


Funny... they sent me these online ads with the same phone number  as FREINDLY FRENCH BUDDIES... Only ONE of these are my pups, the fawn one with the Teddy Bear... Notice the locations... Colorado, Miami, Alaska, Las Vegas, Alabama & Kansas.....  same person selling the same dog in different states and has the website FREINDLY FRENCH BUDDIES.... 
This is OUR PUPPY... they have him listed in the newspaper ad in Las Vegas, with the same CONTACT NUMBER as the Freindly French Buddies site:

This is our same puppy listed on the scam website:  http://friendlyfrenchbuddies.com/index/index.php/available-puppies
This is our puppy... His name is T-Bone and he is 4.5 years old, born in May 2010 living happily with his family...


They sent me more Online Classified Ads with the same phone number... from all over... CLICK TO VIEW LARGER
These are NOT our puppies, just the same phone number who has stolen our photos on the scam websites....


ANOTHER WEBSITE: maxfrenchie.com
WWW.MAXFRENCHIE.COM or as they put FRIENDLY BULLDOGS is a SCAM .....  they are using our photos on their OUR HOME page just like they did on site www.NEWFRENCHIES.com(see the screen shots below) . Now you type in www.newfrenchies.com and it is forwarded to this new website called www.MAXFRENCHIE.comor again Friendly Bulldogs. Same people, they change names when they are found out BEWARE!!!! Notice the same exact sites...

I did a GOOGLE Search for this image that is on the other website called www.maxfrenchie.com Friendly Bulldogs and I came up with this website:
http://www.sandybullies.com/  look at their website and you can see the image that the SCAM Friendly Bulldogs at www.maxfrenchie.com site is using... well.. seems like this sandybullies.com is also a scam, you can tell just by their wording and the fact that it's the same site... just changed words and images.... So I did a google image search on the 1st photo of the man and the kid and puppy on the Sandy Bullies site and found this website called http://bruiserbulldogs.com/english-bulldogs/  Look on that Bruise webiste to see the photo I am talking about....

This has nothing to do with us, just proving that the photos on this www.maxfrenchie.com website they are using are stolen. 

Bruiser Bulldogs where they took the photo for the 2 websites shown on the right and middle photos.

 Again the New Frenchie.com website I posted below changed to maxfrenchie.com... they are still using the photos of our dogs on the page they call OUR HOME: http://www.maxfrenchie.com/Our%20Home.html 

Yet.... ANOTHER WEBSITE:  sandybullies.com
CLICK TO VIEW LARGER..... same photos, different sites... ALL SCAMS !!!!!
 I was emailed that the website sandybullies.com is also using the photos of our dogs on their HOME PAGE: http://www.sandybullies.com/Our%20Home.html
Look at these Photos.... ALL the SAME, different names.....



JUNE 2014 - SCAM ALERT - Stolen Photos...
This is the email we received. Person's email address left out for privacy reasons:

To: All Star French Bulldogs 
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2014 1:10 AM
Subject: Stealing photos

Just wanted to let u know there is a website called newfrenchie.com where they show many of your pix representing as them selves Its the pix of all the dogs playing in the pool and with hose.
They are a bs scam company, they say they have puppies for $500 and that includes shipping. I asked them to send more info on a particular dog and they sent more of the same crappy pix and a video they stole from youtube that was posted 3 years ago. I've informed that breeder and she's pissed.
As I do my research I keep finding things from the newfrenchie website that have obviously been stolen.
I did speak with someone on the phone who sounded foreign and email with someone called james newman. Id be happy to forward you any of my email with the company
Just thoughtyou should know
Best of luck

We received an email stating there is a website called newfrenchie.com and they have our photos on their website on the link that says "OUR HOME"  is where I found our photos. Click below, see for yourself....

The photos of the home they show and the black dog on the lake are NOT ours.... I did a GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.... for those of you that do not know there is a way to find images online. Go to GOOGLE and type in  GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH... All you do is upload the photo you are wanting to find out if it's anywhere else online and BOOM... it will pop up....  Upon doing that with the HOME photos from this "newfrenchie.com" website I immediately found this website with the photos of the home and black dog: http://affordablepup.com/facility  That website has ALL the photos of the house that  newfrenchie.com site is using as their own. They stole the photos of their home and black dog and then stole 15 photos of our Frenchies and posted them on that page... All our photos are all seen on the OUR FRENCHIES PAGE (Click Here)

I took screen shots of the OUR HOME page from the newfrenchie.com  site  and included those below ... You can see their address on the top address bar of my computer to show they were indeed posted there on that site, in case they happen to remove them...  These are all the photos they took from our website and the website I linked above called Affordablepup.com    I do not know anything about that affordablepup pet store website, that is not my concern as they are not stealing my photos... 

These are the photos found on the scam site. These are OUR DOGS.  We took SCREEN SHOTS to show proof that they have been listed on this site in case they decide to take them down because they have been busted....

Click on the photos to see them LARGE SIZE then use arrow to come back to this page


The black dog in the photos above on the lake and the house photos belong to this website below, GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH shows this...

Click on the photos to see them LARGE SIZE

None of our puppies are listed on this newfrenchie.coom websit,  but decided to GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH some photos of the puppies they had on there and this is what we found.... Puppies posted on the scam website look at the Address bar, all these are screen shots:

Where I found the actual photos, if you look at this breeder below they have plenty other photos of their puppies in the red wagon also...

The puppy with the rubiks cube I found on this blog:

They had this pied puppy "Paris" for sale for $500 and Free SHIPPING:

The funny thing is they wrote this about this fake Paris puppy... which is EXACTLY what I wrote about one of our puppies:
Our girl is growing very nicely... has those big and perfect round bat ears, a gorgeous face and beautiful conformation. She is a sweet, playful and happy little girl. She has all puppy shots already and a hearty appetite, eat grain free food with organic canned food, organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil and loves her organic treatas well. She loves all 4 legged kids and is more of a follower, so no worries about her getting along with other dogs.
They can't even make up a puppy's description without copying what I wrote word for word. This is another WORD FOR WORD description they stole from me... this is what I wrote about another one of my babies:
Our scrumptious brindle Pied.... Our Bully boy, he has bone for days, stocky, cobby and just gorgeous. Awesome movement/drive, great head piece... he is definitely everything a Frienchie should be... Beautiful conformation, with an outstanding personality and temperament. He's  a lover boy full of himself... Definitely a crowd grabber & attention seeler. He's a funny boy, who plays nice with everyone and is just a happy go lucky guy. He's just  a charmer.

This is what I found when I did the GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH... This is the puppy they posted above... On the 1st photo you can see the GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH results and the 2nd Photo is the website where this puppy was listed, apparently some Pet Store from another Country: 

Click on the photos to see them LARGE SIZE

Proof is in the pudding... You can continue and do your own GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHES...  And remember just because you don't currently find the photo you searched online, doesn't mean it's not stolen, it just means whatever website the scammers stole it from has taken the image down so it's no longer online. 



MAY 2014 - SCAM ALERT - Stolen Photos...
An email we received.  I wrote him back and told him about the scams we have heard of earlier this year and to please forward me the emails so I can see if it's the same people... Come to find out, they are now using a different name, but same BS story and SAME stolen photos of my "FRENCHIE FAMILIES" and our babies...

To: All Star French Bulldogs
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Adoption of our 2nd daughter

In other news, I received an email in which I truly believe to be a scam from someone else using some of the same pictures from your site. Thought you might like to know. I'll forward you the email if you'd like.

The photos above can be seen here: http://www.allstarfrenchbulldogs.com/PastLitterBijouJuneButter.html
This was a litter from 2010, yet these scammers are trying to sell these so called puppies from a dead woman in 2014.. The dog the last in the green shirt is holding, is not even from this litter and she is not the mother of the litter either.

Not only did they steal these photos, the scammers also sent a video, a video from our YOUTUBE Channel that was posted 4 years ago online, but they stole it and told the person it was a current video. The puppies in the photo above are not even the puppies in the video. That Video can be seen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VOHuuwMlaQ

The lady in the Green Shirt is our FRENCHIE FAMILY who ADOPTED a puppy from us "BIGGLES" who will be 6 years old August 2014.... She can be seen here, along with the photos the scammer stole:
http://www.allstarfrenchbulldogs.com/FrenchieFamilies2.html   scroll down to see her and her parents, the photos that were stolen.

Upon doing some research and GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCHES... I found this scammer stole my FRENCHIE FAMILIES identity and created a FACEBOOK Page with her photo...
This is a screen shot of the STOLEN PHOTO and then a screen shot of the REAL STEPHANIE, who has our dog

Obviously this person goes by different names and sexes, first he was Terrance, with the email I got back in Feb with the same story she was Jessica or as Frecy Jess Jali as posted on Facebook: As you will see this is my FRENCHIE FAMILY as posted on our FRENCHIES FAMILIES PAGES, where they stole ALL these photos from:

Click on the photos to see them LARGE SIZE

This is the REAL person, the lady in green and her husband with the striped shirt are a "Frenchie Family" of ours. Not only are they stealing our puppy photos but also the people. Ridiculous... This is the real facebook, the owner of BIGGLES who will be 6 years old this year: https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.singer.16?fref=ts&ref=br_tf   You'll see her profile picture is her in the green shirt with our Biggles...  She has been alerted to her photos being stolen and used for scamming purposes.

MAY 2014 - SCAM ALERT - continued...
This is the 2nd email the person above forwarded me that the scammers sent him...  I replied to him and he got back to me with another email, even more stolen photos and they even COPY and REWORDED my Puppy Questionnaire:

The puppies in the red and purple collar are littermates, the boy in the black collar is NOT their brother... but scammer is saying these are the 3 puppies shown in the first email and in the video... Just ridiculous.  The boy in the black collar is TEDDY (T-Bone), a baby from 2010, 4 years old as of May 2014... This is his page, his name is now T-Bone: http://www.allstarfrenchbulldogs.com/Teddy.html

This is the first email from a young lady back in february that she sent me to alert me, it shows 3 puppies. The same "TEDDY" (T-Bone) as above and the 2 girls. I won't post the photos again, they are the same exact 15 photos they sent to the man above, 5 of each puppy.  This time they said they couldn't talk on the phone because she is deaf, but she could text her....

----- Forwarded Message -----

To: All Star French Bulldogs
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 6:53 PM

Hello, my name is c_____n. I was looking for a french bulldog puppy. I came across a lady saying she was give three away. While I was looking at you website I saw a picture of one of the puppies so I thought I would contact you to let you. Know this lady told me that she breed theses puppy's.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jessica Frecy <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com>
> Date: February 23, 2014 at 5:00:40 PM CST
> To:
> Subject: French Bulldog Puppies( Pictures Attached)
> Hi and thanks for your interest in adopting my lovely babies for they
> are still available.I am just so concerned about their welfare and
> hope you can assure me of that. They are barely 14 weeks old, home
> raised, potty trained and well socialized and gets along perfectly
> with children and other pets and are updated on all shots and comes
> with a year health guarantee.They are healthy and up to date on all
> shots and worming.
> I like you to know why i have decided to look for a new home for these
> puppies,my mother who used to own these puppies just passed.She loved
> the puppies like her own kids and may God rest her soul,sadly she was
> unable to stay and watch them grow.Ever since she passed,it has really
> been very hard looking at the puppies knowing how much she loved and
> cared for them.Its very hard for us to move on seeing these puppies
> without her around.The decision to let them go was hard but i finally
> came to a conclusion to give them out because i just got myself a new
> job which is very demanding and there is no one to take care of them
> when i am at work.I thought it will be best to give them out to any
> loving and wonderful home where they will be well catered for.They are
> still young and i will prefer to give them to a loving home for free
> where they will be loved and given all the attention they deserve than
> sell them to someone who will not be able to take good care of the
> puppies.For this reason,the adoption fee for each puppy has greatly
> been reduced to ensure that they get a good home. $230 each which
> includes adoption papers and transportation.
> Please be sincere to me and let me know the following information about you:
> -How old are you?
> -Primary reason for wanting a puppy i.e. Companion/Pet/Breeding/Show, etc?
> -Where will you keep the puppies? have you large space in your home??
> -Do you have a swimming pool that is not fenced in?.If yes, please
> understand French Bulldogs really cannot swim. If one falls in the
> pool 9 times out of 10 it will drown.If you are looking for a water
> dog,these puppies are not for you.
> -Do you want the 3 puppies? or will you take only one?
> -If so, will you take the male(Cannon) or the female (Patti/Lola)?
> -Do you have kids?
> -If yes,are they good with puppies?
> -Have you ever raised (owned) a puppy before? a French Bulldog puppy?
> -How is your working schedule?Will you have time to take the puppy for
> a walk at least twice a week?
> -Will you be able to email me monthly photos of the puppies so that I
> know how they are doing with you??
> -Are you getting them for yourself or for someone else?
> -How soon do you want them?
> -Where are you located( city,state country) Facebook is a social
> setting everyone is allowed to send me a message.
> -Please provide any additional information to why you would be
> suitable home for one of these puppies and what you looking for, if
> anything specific, in a puppy?
> These details will guide me in deciding if you are the right home for
> any of these puppies.I will not consider any reply that attempts to
> ignore any of my questions.I have attached pictures of the 3 babies to
> help you identify them.I will give you precise details of each of the
> puppies and will provide you pictures of the parents so so see how big
> they become and a video i just made.
> Jessica

> <image.png>> <image.png> <image.png><image.png><image.png>
> <image.png>> <image.png> > <image.png><image.png><image.png>
> <image.png>> <image.png> <image.png><image.png><image.png>

I replied to this young lady and she got back to me, with the same exact email as the one in MAY from somebody completely different, which included the SAME stolen photos of the mother with the 3 puppies, my FRENCHIE FAMILY in the green shirt with her dog, her husband and her mother... and our stolen You Tube Video that was posted there 4 years ago....

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jessica Frecy <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com>
> Date: February 24, 2014 at 1:09:28 AM CST
> To:
> Subject: French Bulldog Puppies( Videos Attached)
> Hello and thank for the information.
> Firstly, let me tell you about myself,my name is Jessica Frecy,43yrs
> old and i live in 1175 Goldfinch Lane,Millersville, Maryland,phone
> (240) 394-7043. Am a teacher of psychology in Education,I teach
> special kids with special needs. Am equally partially deaf.I can
> hear the raised voice, but not sufficiently well to follow general
> conversation.This is why email or text is the best way to communicate with
> me.
> "Mama Lucy"-(puppies' mother) was a gift to our lovely
> mother at her 70th birthday and its so sad because she could not stay
> around to watch them grow. The reason am giving you these details
> about me is for you to feel comfortable to visit or talk to me about
> the puppies when ever you need my assistance.
> I have concerns about giving these puppies out.,some people will want
> to get them and resell,others may not even have sufficient space or
> yard where the puppies can play,i have heard of situations where
> people home pets in a single bed room.That worries me a lot.The photos
> you sent are just adorable.
> I have attached a video,pictures of parents,my lovely mother and i to
> this message.Hope you love them.
> Am afraid, am a little far from you.My mother lived in Maryland,USA
> with the puppies and we had to move there when she fell sick, we will
> be there for a while since we still have to get her things together.
> Distance is not a problem for me since there are reputable pet
> transport companies here with door-to-door pet delivery and travel
> agents who will ensure that the puppy is very comfortable and safely
> delivered.These companies take the responsibility of sending
> photos of the puppy from the moment of registration,health checks and
> during the flight,so you get updates from the moment i get the puppy
> registered until he/she arrives your doorsteps via photo sharing
> through out the delivery process.You have nothing to worry about.We
> have SIAM PETS , WE MOVE PETS and many others
> which i will have to check on the flight schedule if we come to an agreement.
> Once am certain that any of the puppies will be happy with you,i will not
> hesitate to let you have one of them regardless of your location.And
> you do not have to fly here if you can't make it here for some
> reason especially if you are planning to make this a surprise for your
> family .This is why i have put in a %100 in providing detailed
> information including videos for your
> satisfaction.
> They are not for sale,they are for adoption $230 each and this fee is
> to make sure they get to the best home where they will be loved and
> cared for.I cannot sell them knowing how much my mother loved them.We
> miss her so much and i pray she's happy where she is
> now.She meant the world to us.My only wish is to see that these
> puppies find a great home where they will be loved and cared for.I
> just need assurances that you will love and provide all the attention
> they need.They are 14 weeks old.
> Payments of the fee ($230) will be paid directly to the company responsible for
> the transportation of the puppy.They will equally be responsible for
> processing the adoption papers.
> Another reputable company here for the transportation is
> www.professionalpetsrelocators.com.You
> will make your payments for the delivery directly to the company responsible for
> processing of the adoption papers and transportation of the puppy to
> your location.I just want you to understand that what is important
> here is not the money, i just want the best for these puppies.
> The transportation is very easy and fast.Once you send me photos of
> the yard where the puppy can play,i will let you know my if
> its okay,i can get one of the puppies registered tonight,and the
> company will commence with the health checks to confirm the health of
> the puppies,they will contact you with health certificate,transfer
> papers and flight details such as
> departure and arrival time.They will equally let you know how you will
> be paying for the delivery.
> Which option do you prefer,driving to get the puppies or delivery,remember
> that you are always welcome to come and visit us and the puppies?I
> just attached a video of the babies and hope you
> love them.
> Best Regards
> Jessica  (240) 394-7043 )

This young lady had a few more conversations with this so called JESSICA: Read from the bottom up as I just copied and pasted the emails... The scammer said they just made a video and sent it to her... yeah my video that's been posted on my YOU TUBE Channel for 4 years lol...  Notice how they want them to send $250 for transporation and the puppy would be free and SHIPPED TO THEM... They wanted her to send the money to Cameroon.... in AFRICA.....

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jessica Frecy <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com>
> Date: February 24, 2014 at 10:38:04 AM CST
> To:
> Subject: Re: French Bulldog Puppies( Videos Attached)
> $230 is delivery at the airport and $20 for home delivery,you said you
> wanted me to make arrangements for home delivery right?and as i said
> before the company offers different payment options but not paypal
> doorstepanimalrelocation.com

> On 2/24/14, c-------n wrote:
>> hes absolutely precious. thank you. my name is cailtyn brown my phone
>> number is --- --- ----
>> how long would he be in transport? its 250 righjt?

>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 10:13 AM, Jessica Frecy
>> <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com>wrote:
>>> I just made a short video of Cannon and hope you love it.

>>> On 2/24/14,  c-------n wrote:
>>>> im very nervous about having him transported that way are you sure is
>>>> completely safe?

>>>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 9:38 AM,  c-------n wrote:
>>>>> yes, im wanting it to be a surprise.

>>>>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 9:36 AM, Jessica Frecy
>>>>> <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Okay.,are you planing on making this a suprise for him?i can explain
>>>>>> to the company if you want and they will have Cannon delivered to
>>>>>> your
>>>>>> home when you both are there.

>>>>>> On 2/24/14,  c-------n wrote:
>>>>>>> Thank you. yes he is hes been wanting one for a while now.

>>>>>>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 9:16 AM, Jessica Frecy
>>>>>>> <jessicafrecy2006@gmail.com>wrote:
>>>>>>>> The photos are beautiful and i love them,are you planing on
>>>>>>>> surprising
>>>>>>>> your fiance?is she okay with this?I need to make sure everyone is
>>>>>>>> ready for a new member of the family.Thanks for sending the
>>>>>>>> photos.

 There were other online newspaper ads with the same name and phone number, but showed different puppies, not our puppies, guess other pictures they stole from other sites. Also found a blog where the JESSICA FRECY "scammer" stole another photo of our baby and put Christmas Puppies for ADOPTION on one and just Puppies for ADOPTION on the other... Same Phone Number as in the emails the young lady forwarded me, they all start with 240 area code... These pages have been taken down now due to violation, but I took screen shots of the ads:

Click on the photos to see them LARGE SIZE then click back to come back to this page

Just to re-cap... we were alerted this year first in February, then this one on May 4th, then the 3rd one on May 21st and the latest one on June 15th...  That's a total of 4 different people, 2 using the same emails and photos, this one from an online newspaper and the latest one where they created a website. If you took the time to read all of this, then you have educated yourself and what to look for...  We have had emails in the past, but nothing like this, it's getting out of hand what these people are trying to do. This young college girl told me she felt dumb... I felt so bad for her, she kept going back and forth with them and luckily she realized it before it was too late... read the emails below....


After I responded and told her this was a scam.... That fawn puppy in the first pic is our BOGEY, he was born in 2008 and turned 6 years old in May 2014... So that photo of him with the STUFFED GORILLA is almost 6 years old. Ridiculous.... The other fawn puppy is his sister... so it's not even the same pup and one is a girl and one is a boy. The other white puppy with the face patches is not ours... She then sent me this conversation they had....  It's a copy and paste so read from bottom up so you can see how absurd...  The blue is the young college girl, the black are the replies from the scammer that she found from that recycler.com website...

----- Forwarded Message -----
To: All Star French Bulldogs <frenchies@allstarfrenchbulldogs.com>
Sent: Sunday, May 4, 2014 8:12 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Frenchie puppies

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:58 AM, Jane Kings <janekings20@gmail.com> wrote:

    Ok, that's great, I know that you will get the best from her, she breeds lovely puppies. Please let me know when you adopt her puppy okay.

    On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 7:03 AM, A-------e  wrote:

        Thank you! I have emailed her. I'm glad your pups have found homes!

On Apr 22, 2014 7:43 AM, "Jane Kings" <janekings20@gmail.com> wrote:

            Hello A-------e,
             I am so sorry to tell you that your response to my classified Ad was a bit late. my babies has been fully deposited for by my customers immediately my babies were put in the market.But let me refer you to a co breeder who asked me to get a responsible,loving and caring home for her two puppies for adoption.I want you to contact her immediately via email (jennifergraypets@hotmail.com ) before someone else does that,tell her you were referred to her by the breeder she asked to get a loving home for her puppies and please let me know when you adopt any of her puppies so  that i can thank her on your behalf. Thank you and best of lucks and remain blessed.

            INQUIRY FOR

            Ad Title: Christmas Frenchie
            Listed At:  http://www.recycler.com/Details/29490743

            INQUIRY FROM

            Name: A--------e
            Email: -----------
            Phone: --- --- ----
            ZIP Code: 76798

            Inquirer's Comments: I'm looking to purchase a companion. I'm moving in May and really love dogs, so I am hoping to find a dog soon! Please contact me if Cleo is still available. She is so darn cute. I am also curious if the price is negotiable. Thank you.

            ***We have notified the sender that we’ve forwarded the inquiry onto you. Your prompt reply directly to him or her will help you sell your item today!
            Happy Classifying!
            The Team at recycler.com

Now this is the conversation that took place between the college girl who contacted us and the person "JENNIFER GRAY" that she was referred to write to because she had puppies for sale..... Again, the scammers replies are in BLUE and you have to read from bottom to top as I have copy and pasted:

From: A-------e
To: All Star French Bulldogs
Sent: Sunday, May 4, 2014 8:11 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:

Wow I can't believe how common this is. It's so screwed up. I really want to catch them it's so sickening.  I'll forward you my emails and see what you think. I thought about texting the number "Jennifer" sent me from a text plus phone number or some phone number creator online so I could bait them. How do we catch them? Can the police get involved if they are in with the Nigerian scams?
Let me know what you think,

I feel so dumb.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com>
Date: May 2, 2014 12:55 AM
Subject: RE: French puppies
To: A-------e

Hi Ashley, The shipping fee will cost you $400. Moneypak can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide, including major retailers such as Walmart, walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid, Kmart, and kroger. Get back to me with the moneypak (14 digits) pin number for confirmation.
 This is what I will be ask when I get to airport to ship to you. You're name, cite, zip code and the name of the nearest airport close to your home. I am shipping immediately with Delta pets or America Airlines to your nearest local or international airport. As soon as I ship to you, I will get back to you with your baby's flight details and tracking number for you for pick up.

 A-------e  wrote::

Hi again,
Can you tell me how much shipping is? I don't know what airline your flight attendant uses. I'd prefer to have the puppy sent to dfw and then hopefully it can come to the regional airport near me. How much would it be to go to dfw and what airline, etc?
Thanks for your patience,

On May 1, 2014 5:22 AM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

    I will love you to have her okay, I don't know but something tells me that you will take good care of my baby. And that is my main concern. So if you can pay for her shipping to your location let me know I will ship her to okay, I know that you will not forget me, you will tell people about my breed and refer people to me. Get back to me ASAP.
    Remain bless,

   A-------e  wrote:

    I really wish I could buy her! I really want a puppy and she is perfect but I don't have any money to buy her. I have a job to support her but can't pay for her. I hope both the pups have a great home!
    Thanks (again)

    On Apr 30, 2014 7:46 AM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

        Hi Ashley, how are you doing today? I was wondering if you got the mail I send for you earlier? You can text me on cellphone #(773) 492-1394.

       A-------e  wrote:

        Hi Jennifer!
        I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier today! I will have a decision by tonight but I need to know the bottom price you'd be willing to take? I'm sorry to put this on you. I really want the little girl but I want to make sure I can pay my other bills, etc.
        Thanks! Hope your day has been less stressful than mine!

        On Apr 29, 2014 9:32 AM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

            Hello , how are you doing today? Please I want to know if you want me to keep the puppy for you. Let me know ASAP.

A-------e  wrote:

            Thank you so much Jennifer! I will let you know as soon as I can! School is coming to an end quickly- finals start Wed through next Saturday! Hoping all goes well with grades...
            Thank you again!

            On Apr 28, 2014 2:50 PM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                Hello , how are you doing, Hope you are doing well in school? Well you know like I told you earlier I want someone that truely love pets to have my babies and I believe that you will give my baby the love and care she deserve. So you tell me when you want the puppy okay. A lot of people are coming for my babies but am taking my time searching for the best quality family for my babies. Let me know ASAP.
                God bless,

         A-------e  wrote:

                Hey Jennifer,
                Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! When is the latest you need to know about the puppy?
                Thank you!

                On Apr 24, 2014 6:30 PM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                    Ok, I will be waiting to hear from you soon.
                    Remain bless.

         A-------e  wrote:

                    Okay great!

         On Apr 24, 2014 6:02 PM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                        You can make the payment via MoneyPak because is easier and only charge $4.95. MoneyPak can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide, including major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid, Kmart, and Kroger. Get back to me with the MoneyPak (14 digits) pin number for confirmation. As soon as i confirm the payment i will start the shipment immediately.

                         Ashley Pace <a.pace219@gmail.com> wrote:

                        Okay great!
                        How would the payment stuff work?

                        On Apr 24, 2014 5:44 PM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                            OK, I understand you. Just let me know when you are ready, so that I can start the shipping process immediately.

              A-------e  wrote:

                            Thank you for all the information! I really want the little girl! The only dilemma is figuring out school stuff for this summer. I should have a decision by the end of the week on how much I can come up with. Thank you for all your time and patience with me!
                            I hope to hear from you soon!

                            On Apr 23, 2014 6:10 PM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                                Frenchies are good for apartment life. They can be fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard. They do not do well in temperature extremes. French Bulldogs are prone to joint diseases, spinal disorders, heart defects and eye problems. Dams often have to deliver pups by cesarean section, because pups have relatively large heads. An overweight Frenchie may have trouble breathing, because of a swollen abdomen. Do not overfeed this breed. Putting them under anesthesia is risky because of their breathing issues.

                                The French Bulldog needs to be taken on a daily walk, where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as instinct tells a dog the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. Simply running around a large yard is not going to satisfy their migration instinct. Take care in hot weather. They love to run and play and can play for hours if you let them. Some have higher energy levels than others.

                                Their parents are 100% healthy and they have no health issues. My babies have had shots against Distemper, Parvovirus, Corona, Parainfluenza virus. When they are 16 weeks of age they will now receive rabies vaccination and the immunizations will be giving annually. The parents are really great and are 100% healthy and have never had any form of infection. They have been vaccinated against hip dyplasia, Distemper, Parvovirus, Corona, Parainfluenza virus, rabies infection and have had their annual immunization.

                                I look forward to hearing from you,


                                Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:38:16 -0500
                                Subject: Re: French puppies
                                From: A-------e
                                To: jennifergraypets@hotmail.com

                                Hi again!

                                I am not sure how much I can come up with quite yet.  I am still talking to my family trying to see if they can help at all.  I also have a couple questions!

                                Do either of the puppies have spine abnormalities or dislocated kneecaps? It doesn't look like it, but I want to make sure that I have the money to support them going to the vet enough if they have issues.

                                Just want to make sure I can properly care for a pup!
                                Thanks again!

                                On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 3:41 PM, Jennifer M Gray <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                                    OK I look forward to hearing from you, But tell me how much can you come up with? Like i said before I am not after your money, i am more concern on the health being of my babies. I want to make sure they get to the best quality loving home where they will be taking very good care of and made member of the family.
                                    Remain bless.

                                    Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 11:38:49 -0500
                                    Subject: RE: French puppies

                                    From: A-------e
                                    To: jennifergraypets@hotmail.com

                                    Thanks Jennifer! I will talk to my family and see if I can make it work!

                                    On Apr 23, 2014 11:34 AM, "Jennifer M Gray" <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                                        Hi , how are you doing? Am really happy to know about and your experience in puppies, I love my babies that's why am taking my time searching for the best quality home for them. I am more concern on the health being of my babies. The price is $900 for one puppy, but because you said you're a student and for the love you have for puppies, i can come down to $700 for one. Because i have children that is in school too, so i know how it is this days. Let me know what you think ASAP.
                                        Remain bless,

                                        Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 11:55:36 -0500
                                        Subject: Re: French puppies
                                        From: A-------e
                                        To: jennifergraypets@hotmail.com

                                        Hi again,

                                        Is one puppy $450 or is one $900? I'm a college student so I'm on a tight budget but I would love to have one of these pups as a companion! I'm in central Texas. I've grown up with dogs since I was born.  I had six dogs at one point and loved each of them.  Now, I only have one shih tzu left at my mom's house not too far away and am missing a companion here near school.  I am also curious to see if the price is negotiable?
                                        I hope I can adopt one of your cute little babies! I have been wanting a frenchie for a while now and the timing is finally coming where I can adopt one. I would love them so greatly and spend all of my time spoiling them, taking them to the dog park next to me, etc.  I hope this can work out!

                                        Let me know your thoughts!

                            On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:16 AM, Jennifer M Gray <jennifergraypets@hotmail.com> wrote:

                                            Thanks for the mail. I have 2 puppies available, male and female and I sell at the sum of $900 with shipping included however both will go for $1,700. I am located in  Dallas, PA. Where are you located? They are 10 weeks old. They are potty trained; they are up-to-date on all shots and worming and are all current on vaccination. Each of my puppies will be coming with the carrier, health certificate, vaccination and worming record, copy of USDA paper, Full AKC registration for the puppy, pedigree, tips on care and training are both your puppy, and your puppy's Health guarantee, approved carrier with a soft, comfortable bed, health certificate, a puppy pack including sample food your pup has been eating, a tube of nutri-cal, I also include a special gift to your puppy from me. Everything you will need will be taped to the top of your puppy's carrier and as you know I have a lot of people that are interested in adopting the puppies. Meanwhile, I do want someone with love and open heart for pets to have my babies, who is very affectionate towards children and other pets. I ship with Continental Airlines or America Airlines to your nearest Local or International airport and am 100% safe to fly babies because they will be taking well care of by my personal flight attendant. This is what I will be ask when I get to the airport to ship to you. You’re Name, State, Phone #, city and the name of the nearest airport close to your home. As soon as shipment commence, I will get back to you with flight details and tracking number for pick up.

                                            I look forward to hearing from you,
                                            God bless,

                                            Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:02:19 -0500
                                            Subject: French puppies
                                            From: A-------e
                                            To: jennifergraypets@hotmail.com

                                            I emailed Jamie King yesterday and she referred me to you, informing me that you were selling puppies as well. I am looking for a loving companion and absolutely love dogs. I am curious to see if you are still selling your frenchies?
                                            Thank you!


First this scammer told the college girl the puppy was $900 including shipping, then when the young girl replied that she doesn't have the money, the scammer writes back "OKAY NO PROBLEM JUST PAY $400 for SHIPPING, I trust you will take care of the puppy"... I don't know how people fall for this... Sorry, that is not meant to offend anyone, but really, just read the lines in blue the scammer wrote... it SCREAMS SCAM. A reputable French Bulldog breeder is not going to haggle with you... they are not going to try to persuade you and try everything possible to get you to buy their puppy... They are not going to go back and forth through emails about you sending money and taking their puppy home if they have not spoken to you over the phone. Puppies are not Auctions... there is no back and forth like those emails. No reputable breeder is going to tell you to send them Money for puppies and they soon will have someone contact you with SHIPMENT INFO....  THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!!!   A reputable breeder wants to build a relationship with you and hand you over your puppy PERSONALLY... not take care of it like it's some package, not GET BACK TO YOU with a FLIGHT NUMBER like it's a FED EX box or something....
They change names and emails and change numbers: Look at this Link:
"Identify and Avoiding the Cameroon Pet Scammers"
Same "Jennifer Gray" ....   and this is back from 2007


Again, this is not the first time we have been a victim of these scammers... Victim meaning our stolen photos/videos... It's not the first time we have seen our photos being used by scammers... but really this is ridiculous already, 4 times in less than 4 months... and those are just people who were wise enough to search around and they found us, God knows how many others they have tried to scam or have scammed.... And again, we are not the only breeders, there are tons of breeders having their photos stolen.

I hope this page helps someone.  It took me about 7 hours to put all this together... if it helps ONE person it was worth it. If it stops these scammers from stealing anymore of my photos or videos then it REALLY served its purpose :)
With Frenchie Love,


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